Fantasy band: George Barnett, These New Puritans

'I'd like Vanessa Paradis, circa 1988-90. I could listen to that voice sing anything'

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Drums: John French

He played in Captain Beefheart's Magic Band and he sounds like two drummers playing at once. He has a counter-intuitive way of playing – unnatural beats – which is something I try to bring into my playing. I wonder whether the Magic Band could have made anything like the music it did without him.

Guitar: Wilko Johnson

My band basically started out as a Dr. Feelgood covers band; God knows how it got to where it is now. Anyway, I love Wilko's playing and “Paradise” is a song everybody should listen to. We're actually from the same area; in fact, somewhere there is a card from him to my mother congratulating her on the twins (me and my brother, Jack).

Keyboards: Rod Temperton

He's the bloke from Lincolnshire who was chosen by Quincy Jones to go and write songs for Michael Jackson, including “Thriller”. He also wrote songs for the band Heatwave; their song “Boogie Nights” is my current favourite. Synth solos are a dying art and we need more of them.

Noise/FX: Blixa Bargeld

With a stage name that translates roughly as “monied felt-tip pen”, the Einstürzende Neubauten frontman and industrial noisemaker would be right in there having fun on synths with Rod Temperton.

Vocals: Vanessa Paradis

Last, but not least, I'd like Paradis, circa 1988-90. I could listen to that voice sing anything. She could sing “I Wish I Could Fly” by Orville and I'd still enjoy it.

These New Puritans' UK tour begins 11 October. For details see