Fantasy Band: Jeremy Warmsley, Summer Camp

'Billie Holiday has the softest, roundest tone in the world'
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Guitar: Graham Coxon and Jonny Greenwood

They're known for the sensitivity of their playing and their ability to let other people get involved as well. They're both amazing musicians. Playing in Blur and Radiohead, they're probably the best guitarists from Nineties indie that I grew up listening to. They could come up with some monster riffs and provide a good foundation.

Bass: Carol Kaye

Carol Kaye was in the Wrecking Crew, the LA session-musician collective who worked with Phil Spector and Brian Wilson. She had the most amazing sound and was a real pioneer in bass playing. She looks really cool as well.

Drums: Gregory C Coleman

He was in a band called The Winstons and played the drums on a song called "Amen Brother", which is one of the most sampled songs of all time. Since this guy has played on probably a good 5 per cent of all songs ever released anyway it would be good to have him in the band because we'll all be familiar with his drumming. He's a very funky player so between him and Carol Kaye the rhythm section will really be pumping.

Vocals: Billie Holiday

I wanted someone with quite a soft voice who could maybe layer it quite a lot with plenty of reverb. She has the softest, roundest tone in the world. And we get to resurrect her, which is nice. I think we all want to hear her singing indie music obviously; it's what the world has been waiting for.

String Arrangement: WG Snuffy Walden

Aside from having possibly the best name ever, he did the theme tunes to all the best American television series such as My So-Called Life, Friday Night Lights and The West Wing. His name is very memorable.

Summer Camp's new EP Always is out on 9 July