Fantasy band: Nina Nesbitt

'Debbie Harry is kind of an idol of mine and a legend'

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Vocals: Debbie Harry

She's a legend and is kind of an idol of mine. I got into her and Blondie quite recently; I discovered “Rapture” first. I like her attitude, she's cool. I love her voice and style.

Dancer: Mick Jagger

He's got all the best moves and I think he could be a good hype person. I didn't get to see the Stones play recently; I wasn't able to make any of the shows. I was gutted. I watched them at Glastonbury online though. He's still got it; I thought he was so cool.

Drums: Dave Grohl

It's quite an obvious choice but I love Nirvana. They're kind of how I got into listening to rock music. I also love Foo Fighters but I'll put him on the drums.

Bass: Este Haim

I love the faces that she makes when she plays the bass with Haim. I'd love to see them live but I've not had a spare moment to, but I did watch their iTunes festival online and I find her very interesting. I thought it would be nice to include someone a bit younger. They're pop but they're cool pop, and they all play instruments, which I like. They have a lot of energy.

Guitar: John Mayer

I don't know many of his records but my tour manager puts one of his live albums on in the car on late-night drives and I sit back and chill to it. I find it really relaxing. His guitar playing is insane.

Nina Nesbitt is on a sold-out headline tour of the UK. Her single “Don't Stop” is out now