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Music I've recently been fed a diet of great ambient electronica by my other half: Pantha du Prince, a Ewan Pearson mix tape, Gus Gus, and Gold Panda. I'm loving exploring Little Dragon's back catalogue and am addicted to Jon Hopkins' 'Monsters' soundtrack. A great travel companion.

Television I don't watch TV much at all, but I admit that I watched the royal wedding. I enjoy a bit of 'House' and 'Mad Men' on the iPad, and anything about animals gets a look in.

Film Not surprisingly, my favourite film of recent times has been 'Monsters'. I love sci-fi, and this is such a beautifully constructed and shot film. I really liked 'Hanna'; cracking soundtrack from the Chemical Brothers. And 'Source Code' (below) was excellent; Duncan Jones is impressing me greatly. 'Moon' was a firm favourite.

Theatre I was privileged to catch the incredible performance of 'Du Goudron et des Plumes' (Tar and Feathers) by Mathurin Bolze and Compagnie MPTA at the Barbican earlier this year, which involved a graceful acrobatic dance troupe playing out a wordless story on a huge, 20ft elevated swinging platform. Beautiful.

Books I've just finished the inspiring 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith. I also enjoyed 'It's Lovely to Be Here: the Touring Diaries of a Scottish Gent' by James Yorkston, and always have my copy of Jay Griffiths' 'Wild' in my bag. It has become something of a talisman for me.

Visual Arts I had the enjoyably strange experience of seeing Kate Peters' photographic portrait of me in the National Portrait Gallery; interesting watching other people looking at you and listening in to their comments.

K T Tunstall's 'The Scarlet Tulip EP' is available to download from www.kttunstall.com