Music Box session #4: Bassette

Up and coming R&B artist delivered a stunning performance of three of her songs

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Music Box's fourth session stars an incredible new artist called Bassette. 

You might know her from the brilliant Joe Hertz track 'Playing For You' which came out in 2016 - since then she's released a gorgeous new single called 'Boys With Guitars'.

Arriving from Bermuda aged five and now spending time between Sheffield and London, the R&B singer - whose real name is Kristina Bassett - started out posting cover videos to YouTube before she began writing her own music. 

​Inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill, The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey, there's also something about her that so strongly recalls Amy Winehouse; in her vocal work that simultaneously evokes attitude, soul, and an intense vulnerability; along with Winehouse's talent for stripped-down, minimalist production that leaves the attention largely on her voice. 

Bassette is wonderful for the fact that when she came in she seemed incredibly shy, yet when she opens her mouth to sing this amazing voice comes out along it's quite something to witness all that raw talent up close. 

She's fiercely independent, and while she's attracting industry interest already she seems determined to grow herself as an artist first.

Check out her session (above) and make sure you follow her social accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Her new single 'Boys With Guitars' is out now.

Thank you to: The Independent's video team, Bassette and her management + Tom on guitar