My Fantasy Band: Adam Green

'Garfield's a cool cat. He'd play the saxophone really well...'

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Vocals: Julian Casablancas

I wanted band members from different eras – but I'd like a contemporary chap at the head of the ship as the singing captain, because I'd like current events to play into the lyrics naturally.

Bass: Herbie Flowers

He worked with everyone from David Bowie to Lou Reed. I like his psychedelic noodley contributions to many of my favourite Seventies records.

Rhythm guitar: Kurt Cobain

I thought it'd be cool to have a crunchy power-chord player. I wanted a shoegazey vibe – and have some of the people not really wanting to be there.

Lead guitar: Django Reinhardt

He's gonna do all this fast set work. I wanted someone who is gonna be able to keep up with Herbie Flowers – and I thought Django was my guy.

Keyboard: Regina Spektor

I was gonna get her a Casio and she could just use a sample or whatever she wanted. I think it's important to have some feminine energy.

Saxophone: Garfield the Cat

He's a cool cat. I just have this feeling that he might play the saxophone really well.

Drums: Gene Krupa

He specialised in a really old-fashioned, jazz style of playing. I've decided to call this band The Jamventurers, by the way.


Adam Green and Binki Shapiro's self-titled album is out now on Decca/Rounder.