My Fantasy Band: Andy Burrows


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Drums: Danny Goffey

I've gone with Supergrass's drummer because he has always been somebody who has inspired me from a really young age. His drumming was totally electrifying. He could have been in Cream or something.

Vocals: Neil Finn

Crowded House's frontman has such a beautiful voice, a tone that is indescribable. I think he's somebody who obviously listened to a lot of Beatles as a kid but managed to channel it

Guitar: George Harrison

He was such an understated, and perhaps underrated, part of the Beatles. He made an immense catalogue of songs himself and he always played the most intricate and tasteful guitar solos.

Bass: Dee Murray

He was Elton John's bassist in the Seventies on records like Tumbleweed Connection. He would come out with little melodies here and there that would gently whisper their way through the song. And he had mean backing vocals too.

Piano: Tori Amos

I loved the piano in “Cornflake Girl” and the way she plays it too. She is such a giant character when she plays, it's goosebump-inducing.

Andy Burrows's new album, 'Company', is out on 22 October