My Fantasy Band: Austin Williams, Swim Deep

'John Frusciante is a genius with the guitar'

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Guitar: John Frusciante

He's not in Red Hot Chili Peppers anymore so perhaps he's looking for a band to play in. His style of playing is just insane. You just watch John. He's a genius with the sounds he makes with the guitar.

Bass: Tom Beal

He plays in Splashh and he's got such a good ego for a bassist, the way he stands is amazing; he's the model bassist.

Vocals: Natalie Imbruglia

I think she's quite incredible. I really like female vocalists in a band, I think it's really cool. She and Tom would look good together.

Drums: Zach Robinson

Er, he's our drummer. I just think he's got a really cool style of drumming and he'd go well with the others.

Tambourine: Joel Gion

He plays tambourine for The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Gion is one of the best things to watch in the band.

Organ: Jon Lord

He played in Deep Purple. I'm really into the organ at the moment.

Swim Deep's single 'The Sea' is out now on Chess Club/RCA. They play Edinburgh, London and Birmingham from 27 May