My Fantasy Band: Beth Jeans Houghton

'Rodriguez is pretty much sex on vocal chords'

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Vocals: Joe Cocker, Alan Wilson, and Rodriguez

Joe Cocker for passion, Canned Heat's Alan Wilson for the sake of hearing that voice a couple more times, and Rodriguez is pretty much sex on vocal chords.

Lead guitar: Jimi Hendrix

I'm sure people have avoided this obvious choice in the past, but Hendrix was the first guitarist who made me stand up and listen. And look.

Rhythm guitar: George harrison

I'd want George Harrison to write the chord structure and the top line melody for the songs. He was great at that.

Bass: Jaco Pastorius

I love any musician who plays their instrument in such a way that if you took away everything else, what they are playing at any moment could stand alone as a piece of music worth listening to.

Keys: Leon Russell

He is a session musician for too many to name and bearer of too much talent to put into a couple of lines. He's also the co-writer of one of my favourite songs that I can't listen to, "Superstar".

Drums: Stella Mozgawa

Stella drums for Warpaint. No drummer before or after has left me with a lump in my throat after a performance.

Beth Jeans Houghton's new single 'Dodecahedron' is out on 8 October on Mute. The album 'Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose' is out now