My Fantasy Band by Kelly Jones, Stereophonics

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Vocals: Otis Redding

I always liked his albums because my old man used to play quite a lot of soul music when I was a kid. I watched him on 'Ready Steady Go!' and thought he was amazing.

Guitar: Keith Richards

You don't get much more down and dirty than Keith Richards. In The Rolling Stones' heyday he was the ultimate rock'n'roll guitar player. No one could touch him.

Bass: Donald 'Duck' Dunn

He was the bass player in the Blues Brothers band and on a lot of Otis Redding records, too. He was a great blues bass player; he's kind of odd-looking, but he's brilliant.

Drums: Phil Rudd

AC/DC's Rudd is one of the simplest drummers but also one of the dirtiest groove drummers there's ever been. He's very underrated. He plays with a cigarette in his mouth, which makes him look pretty cool.

Keyboard: Stevie Wonder

He's quite good on the keys, isn't he? He could do backing vocals as well. Stevie could be the lead songwriter in this blues rock band; he and Keith Richards could probably write a few tunes together. This would work, I think. They'd sell a few records.