My Fantasy Band: Charlie Simpson

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Vocals - Elliott Smith

As a songwriter he just blows my mind. Across all the albums he released, I think what shone through for me was the quality of his songwriting and that's what makes a good frontman.

Piano - Jackson Browne

Even though he is predominantly a guitarist, he does play piano. He's got a great voice as well so he could do some back-up vocals.

Drums - Thomas Lang

He's a session player and he also does drumming seminars, teaching people how to play. He's played a lot of acid-jazz stuff but he plays for tons of different people. I've seen some amazing videos of him doing one-stick drum rolls.

Guitar - Daniel Johns

Sadly, Silverchair have just split up. Johns was one of my biggest role models. I love his voice, I love his guitar, his playing style. You know that 'Wayne's World' moment when Wayne looks into that glass window and sees Excalibur? That was always the PRS guitar for me, simply because Johns played one.

Bass - Chris Wolstenholme

Bass is one of the easiest things to write because you've only got the root chords to play around with. But Muse find this amazing way of making the bass its own instrument while keeping the chords rooted in the melody. In Muse songs, sometimes one of the best hooks is the bass line.

Charlie Simpson's single "Parachutes" is out on 8 August. The album 'Young Pilgrim' follows on 15 August