My Fantasy Band: Conor O'Brien, Villagers

'I'd love to see Mozart on stage playing vintage synths'

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Vocals: Julee Cruise

Floating into the Night is the only album I've listened to for the past two months. Julee's vocals are so intense and intimate. There's a tenderness and a sensual peace in her voice.

Guitar: Louis Stewart

Julee's gonna need a right-hand man with the chops to augment the disgusting beauty unfolding and [Irish jazzman] Louis Stewart is one of the greatest living guitarists.

Bass: Dr Das

With the exception of Colin Greenwood from Radiohead, Dr Das was the only contemporary bass player to make my ears open to the emotional possibilities of the lower frequencies. He was a founding member of Asian Dub Foundation.

Spoken word backing vocals: Laurie Anderson

I think this band needs some creepy abstract unemotional existentialist musings going on the background. Laurie could finish it all off with a monologue about consumerism on the planet Kolob.

Vintage analogue synths: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I would love to see him onstage after spending a week with a Roland Juno 60 and a Moog Prodigy. The popstar of the classical era.

Drums: Ringo Starr

Everyone will say, "Holy shit it's Ringo! Look! On drums!"


Villagers' new album, 'Awayland', is released on Monday on Domino Records.