My Fantasy Band: Dev Hynes, Lightspeed Champion

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Vocals - Elli Medeiros
Medeiros was in the Seventies French punk band Stinky Toys. She formed an electro-pop band called Elli et Jacno, where she fronted some of the best pop of the Eighties.

Guitarist - Ryan Jarman
I think The Cribs are one of the best British bands ever. I love their inspirational guitar lines that lay across their songs like an electric eel in a bathtub. Most of their recordings have only a single-tracked guitar, and he only plays lead lines and no chords, which creates amazing energy.

Bass - Fieldy
Fieldy is the bassist from Korn... it would just be SICK!

Drums - Yukihiro Takahashi
He's the drummer, vocalist and songwriter in a highly influential Japanese pop band called Yellow Magic Orchestra. This guy knows what it means to have a steady, strong beat to create power in a song.

Conductor and Arranger - Joe Hisaishi
Hisaishi has been making violently euphoric soundtracks in Asia for years now.

Songwriter - Cass McCombs
I'd have Cass McCombs to write all the songs for this event. He is the greatest living songwriter.