My Fantasy Band - Ebony Bones

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Vocals - Poly Styrene
The X-Ray Spex singer makes an amazing frontwoman. I would definitely put her braces back on so she had a gob full of metal. I'd also have the Pointer Sisters on backing vocals. They even sang on "Sesame Street"!

Guitar - André 3000
In a blatant attempt for sex appeal, I'd get a half-naked André 3000 from OutKast, oiled up in cocoa butter.

Bass - Bootsy Collins
Possibly one of my favourite bassists of all time. Apart from playing in Parliament-Funkadelic and with James Brown, he looks like an absolute madman.

Drums - Tony Allen
I saw Fela Kuti's drummer, Tony Allen, play recently in London at a private show and I was absolutely blown away. He was mesmerising.

Synths - Jools Holland
I'd challenge Jools Holland, take him away from his piano and give him some Justice-like synths. I also really love that song "Up The Junction" that he did with Squeeze. I love the first lyric: "I never though it would happen/ With me and the girl from Clapham", and I'm from Clapham so...

Ebony Bones's single, "The Muzik", is out on 11 May on Sunday Best