My Fantasy Band: Ed Sheeran


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Piano - Stevie Wonder

Let's get him doing backing vocals as well as piano, just because I think he's incredible really. My dad had 'Fulfillingness' First Finale' on record. That was the first Stevie album I heard and there was a track called "They Won't Go When I Go", and that's been one of my favourite songs ever since. He's just great.

Guitar - John Mayer

I bought his album 'Continuum' a couple of years back, which is a really good benchmark to have as a singer-songwriter and that is a really good album to try and emulate. The quality of that album is incredible and I think he's one of the best singer-songwriters around today.

Drums - Travis Barker

He drums for Blink 182; I was kind of brought up as a bit of a 'Kerrang!' kid and when I was younger I loved bands like Blink 182, Offspring and Linkin Park. I always thought that Barker was a wicked drummer.

Bass - Pino Palladino

He's a Welsh dude who is widely known as being the best bassist in the world. He actually plays in John Mayer's band (as well as tons of other people like The Who) but he is really good, really talented. He even played on Adele's last album.

Cello - Vyvienne Long

She plays with Damien Rice. I met her at the same time I met him, when I was about 11. She brings a very cool, interesting sound to the cello that makes it a bit more rock.

Vocals - Beyoncé

I managed to see her live when she played at Shepherd's Bush Empire recently, the day after her Glastonbury set. She's such a captivating performer and really holds the stage and the crowd, and her vocal ability is second to none.

Ed Sheeran is part of BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards. Listen live from 12noon this Sunday: