My Fantasy Band - Hamilton Leithauser The Walkmen

'Roy Orbison has such a bombastic voice that you wouldn't need backing singers'

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Vocals Orbison: Roy

My band would be in the spirit of modern touring because it's so expensive these days; it would all be about economising and cutting costs. You'd want Roy on your team because he can do so much with his voice; it's such a big, bombastic voice. You wouldn't need back-up singers either as his voice is more than enough. Of course he could play a little guitar, too. He really has one of the best voices of all time – it's huge.

Lead Guitar: Poison Ivy

She was one of the founders of The Cramps. She always played great riffs and has a fantastic sense of style and sound. She's an awesome lead guitarist and she takes up a lot of sonic space with her guitar, makes a lot of noise. I think Roy would make a nice pairing with her guitar, actually.

Drums: Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones' drummer has got the best rhythm of all time. He's incredible. To cut costs I wouldn't have a bass player in this band. The three of them would all travel in a van together to be economical. There might not be many of them, but together they would make such a sound that I have no doubt they would do a great job. And they get to split the profits just three ways. That's very important in this day and age. My other top tips are to never stay out by the airport and always stay in three-star hotels. And split the driving three ways.

The Walkmen play Pitchfork Music Festival, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris. 1-3 November.