My fantasy band: Henry Binns, Zero 7

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Drums - Topper Headon

Nick Headon – Topper from The Clash – came to our studio and we had a jam. That's not something I do but he likes jazz funk and I do too. He's tight and hits the kit hard but he's kind of tentative.

Banjo - Levon Helm

We've all seen The Band's "The Last Waltz" and there's nothing he can't do. Helm did a little moment on banjo, which is why he's there.

Bassist - Paul McCartney

My favourite bass player and I dare say he could help write the occasional melody.

Backing vocals - Panda Bear & Mavis Staples

Panda Bear is from Animal Collective. How beautiful are they? It's like The Beach Boys go raving. I also love The Staple Singers. When they sang "The Weight" with The Band, it's the best thing I've seen! She's very sexy.

Guitar - Jonny Greenwood

It was going to be Neil Young but it was getting too California so it's got to be Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.

Lead vocals - Lowell George

He sung with Little Feat; I'm such a grandad, but he was unbelievable. He makes me want to cry. He looked like a bus driver but what a voice!

Zero 7's album "Yeah Ghost" is out now on Atlantic. See