My Fantasy Band - Ian Broudie Lightning Seeds

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Vocals - Johnny Cash and John Lennon
I think if they'd sung together they would have been magic. They're my heroes. They both had fantastic careers but both went through complete reawakenings and had second halves. Cash went on to work with Rubin on American Recordings and Lennon came out of the Beatles and made 'Imagine'. They both did it, then did it again.

Guitar and Drums - White Stripes
I'd want the White Stripes to be on stage to add a bit of much-needed bite. I think their youth and vibrancy would really add something. I've not seen the White Stripes since they played their early gigs in pubs around England before they got a record deal. I liked them then, but I'm sure they're much better now.

Backing band The Wrecking Crew
They were a collection of session musicians on the West Coast of America in the '60s who played with all the big bands of the time, including Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach Boys and the Monkees. Even though this would double up on some of the instruments, I'd love to see Hal Blaine up there on the drums and Carol Kaye on bass.

The Lightning Seeds' new album, 'Four Winds', is out now