My Fantasy Band: Jake Bugg

'Elvis was a showman; he had all the moves'

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Drums: Ringo Starr

I like the way he keeps things simple; he just plays what's needed. I think he's pretty underrated; he's one of the best.

Bass: Paul McCartney

Ringo needs another Beatle to feel at home. I had to go with Paul because the bass guitar he uses has a distinct sound and he has some great lines, too.

Keys: Ray Charles

He was a great piano player with really fantastic songs, too. He had so much soul.

Rhythm guitar: Johnny Cash

He was a fine acoustic guitar player and has great rhythm. I think he'd go well with the others, too.

Lap steel guitar: Robert Johnson

He's a great slide player and he's got the blues down to a tee. He allegedly sold his soul in return for extreme guitar-playing skills; that's how good he was. If you listen to his songs it sounds like two people playing.

Lead guitar: Jimi Hendrix

He's my favourite guitarist and he was indisputably the greatest.

Vocals: Elvis Presley

He was such a showman, he had all the moves, and obviously had a very distinct voice. He just loved rock'n'roll. I'd definitely have early Elvis, though. On backing vocals, I'd have the Everly Brothers – they do great harmonies.

Jake Bugg's debut album, 'Jake Bugg', is out on Monday on Mercury Records.