My Fantasy Band: Joe Jonas

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Vocals - Josh Groban

His voice is very angelic and strong and powerful; I feel like he would bring something unique to the band. I'm a big fan of his.

Guitar - Reeve Carney

He's an American artist and you guys may not know him, but I'm sure he'll make his way over to Europe eventually. He's a singer-songwriter and actor; he's actually playing Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Broadway production right now, he's doing a really great job. But he plays guitar and sings as well, I've met him and over time we have become friends, he's a really cool guy.

Drums - Travis Barker

Travis Barker from Blink 182 is my drummer. I think he's a legend, he's just fantastic. He's always coming up with different sounds and he's very creative. I love the band's music; I kind of grew up on it. I would always listen to them when I was younger. They were the music I wasn't supposed to listen to... but I did anyway.

Bass - Sting

I want Sting on bass, for obvious reasons really. He's a fantastic artist, an incredible guy and I think he would do a really great job.

Hype man - Kanye West

I really want a hype man for my band, is that allowed? It would be Kanye West because I feel like he just owns it, he's 100 percent hype and he's got such a cool vibe to him. Everything he does is so exciting. It would be a pretty interesting group, I reckon. Something different for people to hear anyway! I'm confident it would sound cool.

Joe Jonas's debut solo single, "See No More", is out on Monday