My Fantasy Band: John Legend

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Drums - Questlove

Let's have Questlove from The Roots on drums as we've just done this album together and he's such a great drummer. He's brilliant to watch, he's got great rhythm and he's got a lot of musical knowledge so he's a great band-leader.

Bass - James Jamerson

He's phenomenal and one of the icons of bass-playing. I can't even remember all of the tracks he played on, there were so many, but "My Girl" is my dad's favourite song. He did a bunch with Marvin Gaye and "For Once in My Life" with Stevie Wonder, too. He did so many other greater Motown hits.

Drum Program - Kanye West

Since it's 2010, I'm gonna have a drum programmer and it's gonna be Kanye. It adds a little extra flavour to your show and I do use programmed drums sometimes. He's one of the best in the business. He and I just did a show together where it was him rapping, me on the piano and singing and him using the drum machine. It was pretty cool.

Guitar - Jimi Hendrix

The only reason why not is because he's such a superstar, he would overshadow me. He's obviously incredible. Such a rock star, such a great, soulful, interesting guy.

Piano - Nina Simone

Not because she was the greatest pianist but because she had a really distinctive style and a great sense of rhythm. Her feel was what I loved about her so much I think that I'm influenced by her playing style a lot.

Vocals - Aretha Franklin

She is one of my favourite singers. If you listen to some of her great recordings it is magical how well she sings. She has so much soul, so much range, so much skill in her phrasing; just a phenomenal singer.

The album 'Wake Up!' by John Legend and The Roots is out on Sony.