My Fantasy Band: Jools Holland

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Lead vocals - Bessie Smith & Solomon Burke

I could listen to Bessie Smith all day. Solomon Burke sadly died last month but I toured with him; he was amazing. His vocals inspired people like Van Morrison and Otis Redding.

Lead guitar - T-Bone Walker & Eric Clapton

Whenever Walker plays it just makes me feel better. Whenever Clapton plays it's like having a conversation with someone so eloquent they make you more eloquent.

Saxophone - Junior Walker

I've got five saxophones so I'd just add some guests. I'd add Junior Walker. He was on Motown and I believe his "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" is the biggest selling sax instrumental of all time.

Trombone - Chris Barber

One of the great British trombonists.

Trumpet - Louis Armstrong

He reinvented trumpet playing and is one of the greatest players ever.

Organ - Bill Doggett & Billy Preston

My brother plays organ at the moment and I wouldn't want to boot him off I'd like to include Bill Doggett, who did 'Honky Tonk', and Billy Preston, who played with all the greats.

Piano - Johann Sebastian Bach & Jelly Roll Morton

If I can't do it, I'd probably get Bach because he'd be able to do some nice arrangements. Jelly Roll Morton claimed to have invented jazz and would keep things lively.

Rhythm guitar - Paul Weller

He could do backing vocals too as I think his voice is great.

Drums - Earl Palmer

A band is only as strong as their drummer. I wouldn't mind Charlie Watts but let's go with Earl Palmer who used to play on all the Little Richard records. Often I can't figure out why a record's great then realise it's because Palmer's on drums.

Bass - Charles Mingus

He famously had a furious temper and I'd quite like to see him get in a punch up with the group.

Jools Holland's new album, 'Rockinghorse', is out now on Rhino. He's on tour until 22 December.