My Fantasy Band: Just Jack

Vocals - D'Angelo and Lykke Li
I've been listening to 'Voodoo' by D'Angelo quite a lot recently and his voice is indescribable, it acts as another instrument. I think there's just something about Lykke Li and I enjoyed her album, 'Youth Novels'. Obviously she looks cool but I think she has a really interesting and unique voice.

Guitar - Robbie Stern
I saw Cajun Dance Party play and I thought their guitarist had the most amazing riffs. I'm not normally that impressed by musicians,, but he had a compelling vibe.

Bass - Bernard Edwards
The bass player with Chic is one funky bastard and he's done some of the best bass lines ever. Just incredible.

Synths and keyboard - Rick Wakeman
He played with the band Yes, as well as being a session musician for many others. I'm not a massive fan of his, but you see incredible photographs of him in the Seventies with mad banks of synthesizers, cables and knobs.

Drummer - Questlove
The Roots' drummer is probably the best drummer alive, he's just amazing. I was lucky enough to watch The Roots from backstage at Glastonbury when they played there in 2003. Questlove had the most relaxed posture, like he he was making a cup of tea or something but really he's hammering away at the drums.

Just Jack's new single "Embers" is released on 30 March, followed by his album 'All Night Cinema' on 6 April