My Fantasy Band: Kate Nash

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Vocals - Kurt Cobain

He just had the most amazing voice. When I was younger my friend gave me a rock mixtape, which included some Nirvana songs. I don't really know anyone who doesn't like Nirvana, everyone just loves them, don't they? Especially when you're a teenager and you want to revolt and be angry and confused and depressed, they just speak to you. What happened to him was so tragic and sad; I think he had the most beautiful soul.

Backing vocals - Kathleen Hanna

She's another huge hero of mine and I'm a massive fan of her band, Bikini Kill. She's like this punk activist, and she's done so much for women and feminism. I love her music, I love the way she looks, the way she dresses. She really changed how I felt as a woman. She gave me confidence and made me feel like there were other ways to make yourself happy and feel good about yourself, and that you didn't have to be part of the mainstream and fit in.

Guitar - Joan Jett

She's just brilliant. She's a fantastic guitar player and she embodies the spirit of rock 'n' roll. I love her music – it would be amazing to be in a band with her.

Bass - Gaye Advert

She was super cool and looked totally awesome; she had so much stage presence when she played with her band, the Adverts. She kind of had a Joan Jett vibe about her, actually. They look really similar so it would be like having twins on stage.

Drums - Soko

She's recording a new record in LA at the moment which I'm excited about; it's going to be amazing. She's a friend of mine, she's really cool. I'd probably have her do some backing vocals, too. She's a really fun drummer.

Producer - Kim Gordon

I saw Sonic Youth play in London last New Year's Eve; she looked so powerful on stage. She was kind of scary. But very, very cool. I'd have to have her involved.

Kate Nash was speaking at the launch of the British Music Experience on Tour, presented by The Co-operative – a nationwide programme to inspire young people through music. Go to for further information.