My Fantasy Band: Kimberly, The Band Perry


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Vocals - Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger

I want to build the band around a duo. Mercury and Jagger are two of my favourite men of all time; I'm not sure if either one of them would share the stage with the other but they are both really flamboyant and powerful and creative. They wouldn't allow for a dull moment in their sets. They're the best frontmen of all time.

Bass - Paul McCartney

He's one of the best bass players ever to live and his skill is often overlooked. Obviously he's also one of the greatest songwriters. 'Let It Be' is in my top five list of songs that I wish I had written.

Drums - John Bonham

If John was still alive then I would definitely want to see him play. He was just incredible.

Lead guitar - Joe Perry

He's Aerosmith's lead guitarist and Aerosmith is my favourite American rock 'n' roll band ever. Plus he's a Perry and sometimes we like to lie and pretend he's a cousin of ours.

MC - Eminem

This is a very rocky band so let's shake it up a bit and throw a MC into the mix. I love Eminem, even though he does very different music from what we do. I can still appreciate it.


I haven't included any women so let's add Beyoncé to the line up. She can do whatever she wants: dance, sing. She's just such a spectacle to watch. She's brilliant; she's one of my very favourite performers.

The Band Perry begin a tour of the UK on 6 July. See for details

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