My Fantasy Band: Lisa Hannigan


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Drums - Levon Helm
Not only is The Band's drummer one of the best in the world, but he would also be very handy to have for backing vocals as well. I'm sure he would have some good tour bus stories too, which is definitely important for this band.

Bass - James Jamerson
Everyone knows his bass playing, even if they don't know his name, because he played on all the great Motown tracks. I first found out about him after watching a great documentary called 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown', which talks about him and the rest of The Funk Brothers and how they played on everything but never really got any recognition at the time.

Piano - Van Dyke Parks
He is a piano player but also a string arranger and a sort of all-round genius guy. He's done so many different things: he worked with The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson a lot and then he did the beautiful orchestral arrangement on Joanna Newsom's second record, 'Ys'. The list of people he's worked with is incredible.

Trumpet and backing vocals - Chet Baker
He's got the most incredible voice, but he also goes from playing the sweetest, most beautiful trumpet to singing in the exact same beautiful way – so he would be very useful to have on stage.

Lead guitar - Marty McFly
Yes, I mean the lead character from 'Back to the Future'. We all know he's got the moves.

Vocals - Prince
I've never actually seen Prince live, so if I could watch him then that would make me very happy and fulfil a dream. Plus you know that you can put him on a stage with anyone and he will make it work.

Lisa Hannigan's album 'Passenger' is out now