My Fantasy Band: Matt Johnson, Matt & Kim

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Vocals - Cee Lo Green

When we were recording our new album, 'Sidewalks', in Atlanta, Cee Lo was down the hall recording his album. I'd be wheezing out 50 takes to get something usable and we'd pass his studio with the door open and he'd be belting out the most beautiful sound, take after take. I swear he was texting while he was doing it, it seemed so effortless for him. He really put me to shame.

Rapper - Nicki Minaj

We wanted to add a rapper to the mix and we're both really big fans of Nicki; her verse on Kanye West's 'Monster' gives me chills. It's so crazy and no one else is doing what she's doing at the moment, especially with things like all the different voices she does.

Drums - Questlove

Kim and I did a show at a college in Connecticut and The Roots played as well. We were watching Questlove playing this wild beat, then he put one stick down, kept the beat, picked up a bottle of Snapple, cracked the cap off with one hand and took a sip. The he put the cap back on and continued drumming. It wasn't even a big solo show-off stunt, just something he was casually doing in the background.

Drums - Brian Chippendale

Our band's going to have two drummers. Brian Chippendale plays drums in the band Lightning Bolt and does some of the craziest drumming I've ever seen. Usually the drummers get put in the back of the band but he's the main event.

DJ - Girl Talk

We decided we want a DJ for the drummers to play along to. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) in the UK but he does these crazy mash ups. The first time I heard one of his mixtapes, it was so next level I almost couldn't get into it. It seemed like someone was just changing the stations on a radio or something but it makes sense now; he pieces all these parts together and makes these huge songs out of them. I can't tell if this collective would be a total disaster or a complete success but either way I'd like to see it happen.

Matt & Kim's new album, 'Sidewalks', is out now