My Fantasy Band: Sam Fogarino, Interpol

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Vocals & Guitar - Josh Homme

I'd have him do what he normally does: play guitar and sing. For such a menacing person he has the ability to sing like an angel. He has such a wide vocal range, it almost contradicts what he does musically, especially when it overarcs into the heavier side of his abilities. With that said, his songwriting capabilities aren't to be narrowed into the heavier genre of rock music. He's an amazing songwriter and if you took away the distortion, then the songs would be just as beautiful as they are with such a heavy din.

Bass - David Wm. Sims

He played with The Jesus Lizard and he's simply one of the most bad-ass rock bass players ever. He's such a force and nobody's ever come close to his sound, harmonically, and the notes he chooses. It's almost intimidating. I find his playing puts you on edge, but in such a good, visceral way and it challenges you. Musically the band was so sparse that he stood out a lot; he's a forceful player and he's hugely underrated in the world of truly independent rock music.

Keys - Brandon Curtis

Brandon is actually a touring mate of mine, but of course you probably know him from The Secret Machines. He can also do background vocals as he has an incredible singing voice. He has such an affinity and knowledge of the heavier side of music. We often talk about the most extreme heavy metal bands as hehas such vast knowledge of that genre, especially for someone who plays keyboards.

Drums - Dale Crover

Again he's a little under the radar, especially for being a drummer in a band like The Melvins, which has been around for 20 years. In this post-John Bonham age, there isn't a better rock drummer. I think he's brilliant and he has so much control over what he does. He can play at the pace of dripping tar if he wants to, which is quite a skill, believe me.

Interpol's new single 'Lights' is out on 21 March. They tour the UK in March: Bournemouth (18 Mar), Bristol (19 Mar), Cambridge (20 Mar), Leeds (22 Mar), London (23 Mar).