New music to listen to this week: Subculture Sage

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I am loving the UK hip hop scene right now. 

Subculture Sage is the brainchild of producer Subculture Sounds and lyricist Hypeman Sage, who grew up spending their pocket money on Mos Def records. 

They're putting out a new single, the fire-fuelled 'Drop' which you can here first on The Independent, check it out below: 

This track marks their first return since debut mixtape Big Smoke Autumn Blues - this new release sees the duo continuing with their excellent DIY ethic.​

Listen and you'll hear just how astute these guys are about the current state of things: "Not the streets you should be scared of/More the CCTV tho" and "We're being sold sedation/and it comes in a pretty box."

Subculture Sage said of the track: "We are loners of the UK Hip Hop scene, having always done things DIY and in our own lane.

"We’ve got a punk approach to Hip Hop, our upcoming single vents our aggression towards the direction London and the rest of the Western world seems to be going."

'Drop' is released on 17 March. Subculture Sage play a show at Camden Assembly in London on 10 May.