Observations: But who's going to conduct?

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What do Everton football club, Gloucester Cathedral and Newlyn art gallery in Cornwall all have in common? Well, from 11 December until February next year, they're becoming part of a huge new musical structure, the award-winning Fragmented Orchestra, which will involve 24 networked sites across the UK, each producing a constantly changing instrumental sound, which in turn changes the composition.

Mirroring the workings of the brain and the way it processes sound, the sites will be connected via the internet to the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology gallery in Liverpool, to form a network. At the sites, which were chosen by the artist Jane Grant, the musician and physicist John Matthias and the composer and sound designer Nick Ryan, visitors can create their own site-specific sounds and listen to how they affect the overall score. Whether you're in the National Portrait Gallery or on Brighton seafront, here's your chance to let your musical talent shine. www.thefragmentedorchestra.com