Observations: Peggy Lee fever strikes again

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Peggy Lee, the singer best known for that definitive version of "Fever", is set to return to the charts this month, sampled on a dance tune. Her vocal provides the hook for "Why Don't You" by a producer called Gramophonedzie, aka Marko Milicevic, a Serbian DJ working out of Belgrade, who is set to be the first Balkan house producer to make a name here. His tune is based on Lee's version of the blues standard "Why Don't You Do Right?", a hit in 1943, later covered by Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Last year, Milicevic's version was crowned an Ibiza anthem and has now been picked up by the house imprint Positiva. Serbia has long boasted a vibrant dance scene, so international success for a homegrown artist is overdue.

This DJ, who has been in the game for 15 years, blames Serbia's pariah status on his inability to break out before. "I didn't have a chance to travel a lot because I needed a visa for almost every country," he explains. "But it has changed now and I'm in a better position to present something I'm doing to the UK and the rest of the world." And to show what Serbia has to contribute, he adds. "I certainly hope that is what I've been doing; to make people aware that producers from Serbia or any other small country have the potential to show something new to the music world."

'Why Don't You Do Right?' is out now on Positiva/Virgin Records