Observations: The band that just clicked...on a music message board

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It had to happen: a band has formed on a music message board. Internet Forever came into being when London-based Laura Wolf connected with Cambridge resident Craig Nunn.

Wolf has knocked around her home city's indie scene for a while, both as a solo artist and in various bands, while Nunn had left his rapidly disintegrating university outfit to teach in Poland and China before returning to record solo as Heartbeeps. Both were drawn to the sounds of tinny Casiotone keyboards. They had been friends on blogging site LiveJournal for several years when Nunn commented that he wanted to be in a band called Internet Forever.

Wolf was keen for them to collaborate. "Our individual solo stuff was quite similar in aesthetic anyway – we were both making lo-fi, bedroom-produced pop, so it seemed natural that we would make some music together. At the time I was constantly looking for collaborators."

She visited Nunn in Cambridge to meet face-to-face. One of the first fruits of this exercise was "3D", a winsome number about how different we look compared to our online avatars. That track is set for release next year in all its muddy, glory on hip San Diego imprint Art Fag. Now with drummer Chris Alcock on board, they are becoming more attuned for success in real life.

Internet Forever's single, 'Cover The Walls', is out on 20 Years Of Boredom