Politics? Football? The songs of angry men (who like Les Miserables) are getting louder

Everything from political rants to football transfer news is now being rendered through the medium of song

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In Tom Hooper’s box office smash Les Miserables, every word is communicated by SIIIIING-ING, so it’s no surprise that the musical’s omnipotence has already begun to permeate daily discourse. This phenomenon was witnessed in two of this week’s most curious home-made videos.

First of all was Jack Brindelli, who resigned from the Socialist Worker Party over allegations that it created its own court to try a member accused of rape using theatrical method of a two-song mash up (part of a 20-minute resignation video)  of “I Dreamed A Dream” and “Who Am I?” featuring  lines about the controversy like: “Who am I, can I bury my head forever more, pretend the party’s what it was before?” It’s not quite “I’m not a crook” but it’s certainly a memorable way to go. See for yourself above.

Elsewhere, as football’s transfer deadline day rumbled on fans amused themselves with James McNicholas -of Arsenal fansite Gunnerblog’s deliriously bonkers take on the musical huge ensemble set-piece “One Day More” starring, among others, Harry Redknapp, Roman Abramovich, Marouane Fellaini, Sky Sports’ Jim White and Darren Bent. The only thing odder is the actual madness of deadline day.