Pop Crisis reveal video for 'Tell Me I'm Wonderful' starring Dom Joly - premiere

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Here's a great new song and video from Pop Crisis - premiered ahead of the official release of their new single 'Tell Me I'm Wonderful'.

Pop Crisis is the new project of The Leisure Society’s multi-instrumentalist and producer Christian Hardy, bass player Jon Cox and drummer Sebastian Hankins. The trio have recorded 3 EPs that they'll release through 2017.

Their video for 'Tell Me I'm Wonderful' stars comedian Dom Joly, who says: "When I heard the song I kind of instantly felt it was about the mask we all wear in public. I was going to do something really clever to highlight this but in the end just painted my face white and looked sad."

Check it out (above).

Hardy and Joly met at a recording of Radio 4’s Loose Ends where The Leisure Society were performing, leading to the band featuring in the recent series of Trigger Happy TV).  

Hardy says: "I wanted to make a video about the brittleness of modern men under all that bravado and bluster, and I thought Dom could do that really well.

"I sent him the song, then we met up for a ginger beer and had a very frank chat about anxiety and panic attacks."

'Tell Me I'm Wonderful' - the new single from Pop Crisis - is out on 16 June