Snoop Dogg: 'I paint myself when I'm not working on music'

The rapper talks about his nephew's first foray into the music industry and the enduring appeal of R&B and slow jams

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Young Thug and Future. I like their stuff. My nephew YG’s album My Krazy Life recently came out too and that shit is cold. The way they put it together with the skits and interludes and everything is cool. It rides. I always stay with the classic R&B and slow jams too.


I just saw the comedy Bad Neighbours with my guy Seth Rogan. That boy is funny as hell.

My favourite movies are the old school classics from the 1970s. The Mack (1973) about a pimp starring Max Julien and Richard Pryor, The Education of Sonny Carson (1974) – based on the autobiography of Sonny Carson, an activist and a community leader in Brooklyn – stuff like that.


The First 48 – that show is hard. It’s an American documentary television series on A&E. Filmed in different cities in the US, it’s an insider’s look at the real-life world of homicide investigators.

Visual Arts

I haven’t been to many art exhibitions lately but I’ve been painting myself. I paint when I’m on the road, when I’m not working on music. It’s peaceful and I have fun with it. It’s fly. 

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion’s album 'Reincarnated' is out now

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