The 10 Most Covered Songs

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1. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
A surprising choice for the top spot. But the enigmatic tale has been reworked 131 times, by Joan Baez and Aretha Franklin among others.

2. Yesterday (The Beatles)
According to 'Guinness World Records' this song was covered seven million times in the 20th century. Official versions range from the sublime (Frank Sinatra) to the ridiculous (Wet Wet Wet and Boyz II Men).

3. Cry Me a River (Julie London)
Not the Justin Timberlake one. This bluesy jazz number has been covered by other luminaries of the genre, including Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles, and even Aerosmith.

4. And I Love Her (The Beatles)
From 'A Hard Day's Night', Smokey Robinson, Bob Marley and Barry Manilow have all recorded it.

5. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones)
With 98 covers recorded, the Stones make the top 10. A surprising range of artists have lapped this one up, including Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Cat Power and Vanilla Ice.

6. Imagine(John Lennon)
Elton John, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Avril Lavigne and Jack Johnson... the list is endless.

7. Summertime (Abbie Mitchell)
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong provide the best known adaptation, so no one remembers the original. Sonny and Cher, Nina Simone and REM have recorded their take.

8. Blackbird(The Beatles)
Another album track from the Fab Four, which has been covered by Carly Simon and Dave Grohl.

9. Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland)
Dorothy was blissfully unaware of how popular the tune would be. Special mentions to Eva Cassidy and the brilliant partial cover by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

10. The Look of Love (Dusty Springfield)
After husky Dusty, the CV is impressive, with Nina Simone, Diana Krall and Neil Diamond all doing it.

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