The Barometer: Beastie Boys; Jamie Woon; Sun Glitters; Christian Aids; James Mathe; Other Lives; My Panda Shall Fly; Treetop Flyers; Box Codax

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Beastie Boys

Lee Majors Come Again

It's been around in various forms for over a year, but this cut from the new 'Hot Sauce Committee' album is pure rap-punk perfection.

Jamie Woon


The standout track from Woon's current album. It works despite being only two steps from sounding like late-1990s UK garage.

Sun Glitters

Things Are

The Luxembourg-based solo artist makes dark, semi-orchestral synth wave. An all-consuming yet minimalist bassline dominates.

Christian Aids

Young Luv

This shadowy track forms the B-side to recent single "Stay". Builds to a deliciously reverb-laden beat, before the song fades to a woozy close.

James Mathe


Deconstructed keyboard-led pop. Mathe's part-crooned, part-falsetto vocals tremble with emotion throughout.

Other Lives

Hear Ya

Finally some guitars. Kind of. Other Lives' barely there acoustic fumblings are given life by melancholic synths, and a glorious cello riff. It will please Fleet Foxes fans.

My Panda Shall Fly


Video-games melodies merge with UK grime-style synths.

Treetop Flyers

Things Will Change

Acoustic country-rock may not be innovative, but TF play with just enough passion to keep the listener engaged.

Box Codax


Unorthodox piano-led pop, with tongue firmly in cheek.