The Barometer: Karen O; Doldrums; Sulk; Menagerie; Mazzy Star; King Krule; Phantogram; Grimes; Boris

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Karen O


In among their noisy art-punk tracks, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs always found a space for tender love songs. Karen O has continued that approach on her new solo record.


Endless Winter

Backwards instrumentation forms the backdrop of this song, while frontman Airick Woodhead uses his feminine falsetto to provide the hook.


Back in Bloom

With its epic, stadium-indie guitars, baggy beats and trippy lyrics, this Suede-meets- Oasis number sets Sulk far above other 1990s revivalists.



A chilled-out, off-kilter electro track that runs at a pace unfamiliar in modern music.

Mazzy Star

Common Burn

Its 15 years since 'Among My Swan' was released, but the band's new material somehow sounds more relevant and contemporary than ever.

King Krule

Portrait in Black & Blue

Country guitars and a vocal style reminiscent of Terry Hall, mix well with ultra-modern beats and structuring. A refreshingly eclectic style.


Don't Move

Bright, poppy electro that, with the right marketing, could be a crossover hit.



The Pitchfork-tipped group use dark synths and 1980s pop melodies to create a haunting and wholly interesting track.



Chiming, shoegazey indie rock. It's 1992 all over again.