The Barometer: Kate Jackson; Brown Brogues; Iceage; Bos Angeles; Fear of Men; General Fiasco; The Ghosts; Little Racer; Milano

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Kate Jackson

Wonder Feeling

The former Long Blondes frontwoman is taking a more expansive, less kitsch approach to indie pop songwriting on her new material.

Brown Brogues


Loud and nasty punk rock'n'roll from Wigan. Behind the heavily muffled vocal sits the kind of beat that makes Mo Tucker sound complex.


New Brigade

This aggressive slice of hardcore punk is a standout track on the band's 20 minutes-or-so long debut album.

Bos Angeles

Beach Slalom

With its fuzzy, repetitive guitar hook and pop punk drumming, this track could easily be mistaken for an early Dinosaur Jr single.

Fear of Men


The Brighton/London-based four piece promise new tracks imminently. In the meantime, this excellent early dream pop demo will suffice.

General Fiasco

Hollows (Acoustic)

This stripped-down version from the Belfast band centres around an Americana-tinged vocal and a subtle glockenspiel riff.

The Ghosts

Enough Time

Eighties-style brooding synthpop verses give way an anthemic, falsetto chorus.

Little Racer

Split For The Coast

This song merges The Smiths' melancholic twang, The Thrills' West Coast pop and Nuggets-era garage nihilism.


The Fall

Acid-dipped techno pop from Toronto, Canada.