The Barometer: Plastiscines; Melanie Fiona; Mika; Lisa Hannigan; Elbow; Beth Jeans Houghton

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Plastiscines Barcelona

They're one of the first signings of Nylon Records, have had appearances on US show 'Gossip Girl' and invites to play at just about every fashion week possible.

Melanie Fiona It Kills Me

Canada's premium R&B chanteuse takes it to church with this bittersweet ode to love.

Mika We Are Golden

A slice of colourful, breezy pop certain to hit the chart next week.

Lisa Hannigan Lille

A gorgeously serene song that proves why Damien Rice's singer has made a mark of her own.

Elbow New Born

This classic from last year's Mercury winners' debut 'Asleep in the Back' (which gets a re-release next month) is sure to be played at Bestival next weekend.

Beth Jeans Houghton I Will Return, I Promise!

The glam pop-folkster's new single from her upcoming EP 'Hot Toast Vol 1' is a must-buy.