The Barometer: Spotify; Three Days of Rain; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Demons

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We are addicted to Spotify, the best website for streaming an unlimited amount of music for free – and legally.

Three Days of Rain

Catch James McAvoy as he returns to the West End, starring alongside Nigel Harman in Richard Greenberg's play at the Apollo Theatre.


Howard Devoto and his revolutionary post-punk band's welcome reunion comes 28 years after their split.

...and what's not

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Spinning out an F Scott Fitzgerald short story to two hours and 46 minutes = one endurance test to be avoided.


Not even a cast including Philip Glenister could help this ailing series which has now reached the end of its short run.

Charlotte Roche

She certainly gained publicity for her erotic novel Wetlands, but unfortunately the reviews were a bit rotten.