The Barometer: StooShe; Drake ft Rick Ross; Givers; The Louche F.C.; Gross Magic; Tom Waits; Lindstrom; Barry Adamson; The Shining

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Betty Woz Gone

StooShe use jokey raps and a genuinely soulful chorus to tell this sweary, Lily Allen-esque tale of a hard living, working-class single mother.

Drake ft Rick Ross

Lord Knows

Flashy, triumphant hip-hop with the same grandiose production that powered Kanye West's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'.


Up Up Up

Insanely catchy ska-infused pop from Lafayette, Louisiana. Givers' yelpy, boy-girl vocals perfectly suit their early No Doubt-style music.

The Louche F.C.


Ignore the terrible band name; this is a swirling, earnest, majestic track reminiscent of C86-era indie pop.

Gross Magic


More scuzzy guitar/synth pop from Brighton-based muso Sam McGarrigle. An Ariel Pink influence is hugely apparent.

Tom Waits


A glorious slice of seedy, expressionist blues rock. As big and ballsy as Muddy Waters, but packed with Tom's ever-present, spirit of the night.


De Javu

Commercial dance that continually rises and falls. There's something a tad Eighties about Lindstrom's croon.

Barry Adamson


The former Magazine bassist falls into the gap between post-punk and "Clarkson rock".

The Shining

Hey You

Experimental dance music that takes influence from Fela Kuti and James Brown.