The Barometer: Tim & Jean; The Heartbreaks; Smith Westerns; Bastardgeist; Huddyrocker; Shanell; Dom; Purity Ring

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Tim & Jean


The teenage Aussie synth-pop duo, with more emphasis on pop than synth. MGMT comparisons are misleading, but ubiquitous nevertheless.

The Heartbreaks

Jealous, Don't You Know

Anthemic, Smiths-esque indie rock. A big chorus, jangly guitars and a funky, bass-led middle eight arguably lifted from "Bigmouth Strikes Again".

Smith Westerns

Still New

A stand out track during their recent Vaccines support slots. The watery guitars channel the spirit of George Harrison in the chorus/outro hook.



A slightly creepy track based around hypnotic drum loops, and a music-box melody.



This gallingly titled, 11-minute long track is actually pretty good. Its roots are in minimalist trance, but regular tempo changes keep things fresh.


My Buttons

A childlike track laced, somewhat uncomfortably, with double entendre. Strong, modern R&B all the same.



The sort of band bloggers get very excited about for a very short time. Lo-fi production, surfy guitars and 1960s hooks.

Purity Ring


Transparent blog called this a "meditative future-balled", which seems fairly accurate. The unorthodox structuring and unsettling time-signatures are brought under control by a fragile, somewhat innocent vocal. The B-side, "Ungirthed", is equally excellent.