The word on... Arctic Monkeys, Humbug

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"When Arctic Monkeys get hold of a song like the roaring 'Potion Approaching' they sound like the most exciting rock band on the planet. But more often than not on 'Humbug', they sound like a less inspired version of themselves." - Noel Murray,

"Far more than simply a good record; it's an achievement, a surprise and an enduring triumph. More than anything, it suggests Arctic Monkeys not only will be around for years but they could grow to be as nourishing as any band of the last five years." -

"'Humbug' isn't better than either of its predecessors, but it expands the group's range and makes me curious where it might go next. It also demonstrates a great deal of staying power for a band that could have imploded before it ever got this far." -

"Arctic Monkeys have grown up: here, they incorporate elements of rock'n'roll past to fuel a very modern affair, and that it manages to sound completely unique is testament indeed to Turner and company's cultivated creative nous." - Mike Diver,