The Word On... Director's Cut, Kate Bush

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"For those familiar only with 'Hounds of Love', 'Director's Cut' is bound to open eyes. It's less energetic, hardly danceable, and it at times resembles the work of Bush's duet partner Peter Gabriel. But give the songs time. Let Bush's songwriting sink in. Just like her, you'll find yourself wanting to return to them."

"A useful addition to the canon of one of Britain's most talented living musicians. It will certainly tide us over until we get something new."

"As much as it's fascinating to hear Bush the Elder look back at Bush the Younger, is the tinkering worth a full album? Yes, because it's a sign Bush the Artist is still alive and 'Director's Cut' is a gorgeous body of work. No, because it's writer's block by any other name. No, because it's not radical enough a move."