The Word On... Franz Ferdinand, the new album

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"'Tonight' is an exciting record for what it could potentially spell for Franz Ferdinand's future – from here, you could easily imagine the band further exploring electro-house productions, or stripping their sound down and making a folk record, or delving into tropical laptop-tronic pop." -

"There is definitely a case to be made that this is a concept album of sorts, soundtracking a night out drinking and dancing with friends. The tail end of the album is definitely the comedown, as the levels of energy steadily drop and a more reflective mood takes over. It also allows Franz Ferdinand to showcase some different styles. 'Can't Stop Feeling' is a fuzzy take on Afrobeat and will have you wanting more of its tribal beat long after the song is over." -

"The courting of new sounds at first seems to be an exercise in 'getting it out of our system' as 'Tonight' finds the band settling into sounding like Franz Ferdinand again, albeit with added synth and a nod towards something a little different. But not too different; the opening triptych of 'Ulysses', 'Turn It On' and 'No You Girls' feature the same wink-wink, nudge-nudge, standard-issue promise, but scratch a little deeper and these songs become something a bit more substantial." -