The Word On... Just Jack, All night cinema

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He really turns things up a notch with addictive electro stomper "Goth in a Disco". But... why not try to inject a little humour, rather than leave it trite and unimaginative... Without a single killer track, 'All Night Cinema' is no blockbuster. - Ben Urdang,

The task of his third studio album is to prove that he is more than a one hit wonder and, boy, he sure did hit us with this wonder. Jack has kept his witty observationalism, but has experimented with different tempos and instruments. - Wendy Davies,

Simple titles, chirpy tunes and some amusing wordplay make this a welcome arrival on the scene at this stage in the summer. Right from the urgent strings and flamenco handclaps on the opening song, "Embers", you're uplifted. - Kenny McMurtrie,

The idea that Just Jack is the disposable hat in The Streets' cracker is not strictly fair. The disco and funk influenced hip-hop here is affectionate, as opposed to laboured, and there are wry London observations that are missing from the latter Streets albums. -