The Word On... Metals, Feist

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"Represents a step beyond 'The Reminder' just because it's a more confident, less self-consciously adorable piece of work... And for another, it's a more grounded, sonically stark record than any of her previous efforts."

"Largely ditty-free, tilting heavily toward Feist's folk, R&B, and avant-garde sides. Anyone who listened closely to 'The Reminder' and 'Let It Die' shouldn't be too surprised by this; only those who think of Feist as a novelty act will be baffled."

"'Metals' remains as wonderfully organic and distinct as its predecessors, swerving from svelte, lilting numbers like 'How Come You Never Go There?' to the abrasive, stabbing strings of 'A Commotion', and the sparse, dreamy, simple-as-you-like 'Cicadas & Gulls' or 'Get It Wrong Get It Right'."