The Word On... Michael Kiwanuka, Home Again


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"A record that has clearly been crafted with great care and a terrific talent behind both the songwriting and the production. If it had been released without the sounds of fanfare, you'd expect a sense of admiration that'd grow throughout the year, culminating in a Mercury nomination and the establishment of a welcome talent."

"May be living in the past, but unlike most of the nu-soul chart botherers it feels genuinely hip. Chez Kiwanuka is a truly cosy place to be: his rich, analogue soul sound conjures up images of Harlem, sideburns, and valve amplifiers. Not bad for a softly-spoken 24-year-old from Muswell Hill."

"A beautiful collection of alt-soul that, despite a shortage of uptempo moments, succeeds in being both on-trend and classically timeless."