The Word On Pop... Dan Black, Un

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"Black has yet to score a chart hit, which is a shame given the flashes of genuine talent on show. It's these flashes, however, that highlight the shortcomings of some of the other tracks, leaving plenty of room for improvement for that difficult second album." -

"Dan Black has made a smart, confident record that is far more accessible than this overtly cool customer's first album. It should even see him gain some mainstream popularity. "Deux" should be worth waiting for." - Lou Thomas,

"The very nicest kind of geeky pop... Not the strongest voice to be honest ( a little nasal; a tad whiny at times ) but he is mostly able to transform his limitations into advantages with the wry wit evidenced in his perky writing and idiosyncratic sense of timing." -

"Those looking for true one-man-and-his-synth enlightenment could do worse than take in the shoe-gazing psychedelia of James Chapman (aka Maps), but for Dan Black I'm afraid it's almost certainly back to the drawing board." - Andy Peterson,